1. Is your company AERB approved?

    Yes, we have all the approval to manufacture the X-Ray equipment

  2. How long it will take usually to get delivery of X-Ray system

    Usually it will take 2 weeks to 3 weeks

  3. If I wanted to get X-Ray machine by next day ,are you able to provide?

    We do production in advance so chances are that if the order is confirm ,we can dispatch on next day

  4. Is AERB certification is necessary?

    Yes, it is compulsory now days and necessary for all doctors & hospitals to check before installation

  5. What are the important requirement before installing the x-ray system?

    If you are planning to buy X-Ray system which is fixed ,you need to follow the guideline of AERB and you need to design room according to that

  6. Can I order directly?

    Yes, you can send the inquiry via website & concern Person will contact you

  7. Are you BIS approved company?


  8. Who will provide after sales & service?

    Company has strong dealer network & after sales service team who look after the machine

  9. Is company providing AMC & CMC ?

    Yes ,company provide the AMC & CMC and highly recommended