Manufacturing Facilities

Everything In-house -Total QUALITY control & spare support

The x-ray machine is divided into four major components which we make in-house

  • The Tube – Complete Tube assembly and testing
  • The Operating Console – Design and mfg in house in electronic control section.
  • The High Voltage Section – Design and mfg in house HV section.
  • he Tables & X-ray Tube Stand– We are strong in mechanical structure design and manufacture since last 25 years in India and we are major supplier of OEM for different custom made parts.

Factory Land Area = 54000 Sqft

Factory Building Area G.Floor= 14400 Sqft

Factory Building Area F.Floor = 8800 Sqft

Total No of Employee= 50+

Total No of technical  Management staff = 10 ( In the plant)

Total No of Engineers in field = 10 ( for sales & service support)

Facilities in plant : Machine setup  for mechanical fabrication work, Electrical

control panel work, Vacuum chamber for X-ray tube head assembly and

HT transformer mfg.

Note: 15000 Sqft land is available for expansion of the new products and facilities.